...but i digress


I’m Real ft. Ja Rule (Murder Remix) || Jennifer Lopez - J.Lo

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One day more. 

I’m watching Les Misérables


brwnpaperbagAlmas Pieters embroidered illustrations

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You can feel a chill

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Sometimes Kanye is all I need. I’m vibing to Late Registration and I can’t help but feel emotional. I think its because I’m already pretty fragile right now and its just enhancing it but I can’t help it, this playlist is the only thing I can listen to right now.

Summer is my favorite time of year well it was but now it just feels hard. I have to make it through the summer and I hate that. Summer is supposed to be fun and easy and full of celebration. Life is too short to now fully love the summer.

My favorite songs , movies, books they are all a painful reminder of things I want to forget. I’ve tried finding new favorites but its not the same. Just like summer isn’t the same.

I’m rambling.

I’m sorry.