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Why the fuck is my Nana talking to me about officially divorcing my grandpa?

I swear all my aunts dog him. Yes he’s an ass but he’s also your Dad and my grandfather.

I love him more then the rest of them but idk if he’ll get the chance to know that.

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Namibia’s Hipsters: From the sapeurs of Kinshasa, the fashionistas of Lagos and to the streets of Jozi, vintage style is trending in Africa.   

Designer, tailor and stylist Lourens Loux Gebhardt of Loux the Vintage Guru is now collaborating with Khumbala, a group of stylists and designers from Johannesburg, to launch a street-style website that seeks to inspire Africans to step out in style and introduce them to the merits of vintage fashion.

A fashion revolution in the making; “When we collaborate we call ourselves LIA (Love is African), and we’re currently playing a big part by simply inspiring fashionistas around the African continent.”

Usually decked out in well-cut 60’s suits, tweed jackets, round spectacles and trilby hats, Lourens explains, “Many people aren’t interested in wearing vintage, they just see it as used clothing… I manage to dress myself cheaply and end up looking like a million bucks.”

photos: ©Harness Hamese and ©Lukas Amakali. all rights reserved

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this post is beautiful

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Beyonce // Why Don”t You Love Me

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how am i just now finding about him

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Hilary Duff - Come Clean


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"Some old wounds never truly heal, and bleed again at the slightest word."

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Make me choose between two music videos

anon asked: Dance For You or Rocket

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white man’s race-play fantasy goes awry 

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